Our Services

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Sourcing the clients:

We constantly through our marketing team visits prospective clients and present our portfolio of products and source clients. Our motive is not just to be associated with the client for billing but as an extension of their marketing team, and be a one-stop-shop for all of the client’s advertising requirements.

Media Planning:

A well thought strategy needs to be followed up, it is a planning stage where budgets are dissected and allocated, resource allocation is configured and timing and period is frozen.

Media Buying:

Buying according to plan calls for negotiation skills. We have specific set of space providers to whom we negotiate and finalize the deals.


The media and advertisement is highly competitive and fragmented, and we face competition from various players in the industry. Some of our competitors have greater financial, marketing, sales and other resources than we do. Moreover, we compete with the players of traditional advertisement and digital media segment. Competitive conditions in certain markets may have a material adverse effect on our operations in that market.

Marketing Arrangement:

Our Company is primarily focused in Delhi and adjacent territories. The marketing strategy of the company is the combination of direct marketing, using our marketing force. Conversation with clients on an individual basis, educating them and discussing the strategy all the year round is part of the strategy. We support our marketing efforts with the activities at the grass root level through field work by maintaining regular contacts and meetings. We also participate regularly in exhibition and fairs being conducted at various levels.